NEW Family Tree Genealogy Books and CD!!

The totally NEW and updated Paulus, Johann, Pinckneyville, and Soldiers of the Revolutionary and Civil War books are available for purchase.  All of the books are available in Bound book form as well as our standard 3-hole punched versions.  The "Soldiers" book of 150 pages comes in Bound or 3-hole punched versions, also. See links below for further details on the books and the new CD:


Johann book - $45  -  (475 pages with Index and Instructions)         ___Bound ___Drilled $________
Paulus book  - $60  -  (930 pages with Index and Instructions)            ___Bound  ___Drilled  $________
Hans (Pinckneyville) book  - $15  -  (50 pages with Index and Instructions) ___Bound ___Drilled $________
Soldiers book - $20  -  (Revolutionary and Civil wars)  ___Bound ___Drilled $________
Price includes shipping.  If you are not satisfied with any book purchased, simply return it and we will return the full price you paid. Total Enclosed  = $________
Bauersachs Family Genealogy is now available on one CD.  The single disc contains ALL FOUR books that we have written:  Johann Line, Paulus Line, Hans (Formerly the Pinckneyville) Line and the Soldiers Book, plus pages and pages of pictures and music, too. CD is $20 plus $4 for Postage - Total Cost =  $24.00

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If you would like more detail on each of the books listed above,
please click here for additional information.
How to Find Your Line in the Bauersachs Genealogy Book(s).

Membership is $15; 
$5 for children living at another address.

You can contact Sue Bowersox Anderson via E-Mail
with your questions or comments about
the books/CD or the Bauersachs Genealogical Society (BGS).

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