When you receive your book you will find attached the page numbers of YOUR family line identified for you. Here is how you can find other members by name:

1. Look in the INDEX section of this book for your name. Then go to that page. Example: If your name has a number such as 10.2 in front of it this means that you were the second child born to your mother and father. Now we are going to look for your parents and earlier generations in time as we can go.

2. Look back up the page and you see the number 10.1, which should be your older brother or sister followed by his or her children. Look for the first 9 that you find before YOU. That will be your Parents. The 9 will also have a dot and a number indicating the number your parent was of their parents (your Grandparents). Other brothers and sisters will be listed with numbers higher or lower than your parents. They, of course are your aunts and uncles.

3. Continue going back in page number and look for the next number you find with the number 8 followed by a dot and another number such as 8.11. That would be your grandparents along with their brothers and sister born before or after them.

4. Continue backwards to the first 7 that you see and continue doing the same until you reach the number 1 generation. (Probably would be on the first page of the book where the Genealogy begins.)

5. If you do not find your name in the INDEX to begin step 1, find your parent's name or your grandparents name, etc. until you find a relative whom you know has a history of being in your family line. Then go to that page and use the same procedure as above following them backward, or forward as described above.

6. If you have had children of your own, that would bring the generation number to the next higher level than yours. Example: If you are a 10.2, then add your children's names as 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, etc. If your children have children, then add another generation level, under THEIR parent. Example: 12.1, 12.2, etc

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