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Bauersachs Reunions

2018 Bowersox Reunion - Lewisburg, PA  scheduled on July 20-22, 2018
The 2018 Reunion is being planned to be at the Best Western Country Cupboard, Lewisburg, PA.  Thanks to Janice Bowersox, Aimee and Darryl Bowersox who will again be hosting this very popular reunion.  Mark your calendars.  Details are forthcoming.

2017 Bauersachs Reunion in Germany was held on July 28, 29, and 30, 2017 in Sonnefeld, Germany 
Sue and Jan Bowersox as well as Nicki Bowersox (granddaughter of late George Bowersox) attended the reunion in Sonnefeld, Germany.  Friday activities in Sonnefeld began with a dinner and social.  On Saturday, we toured the Basket Museum with lunch in Michelau.  At the festive banquet, music was provided by "Just Girls" and German dancing by "Country South." 
Below is a picture from the Reunion in Germany.  To see a few more pictures of Jan & Sue and Reunion 2017 - click Photos.

2017 Reunion in Germany

Crystal Bowersox 2016 American Idol Crystal Bowersox
Crystal is currently touring the USA and sharing her music with fans everywhere around this great country.  Find the dates and locations for her tour at:
Crystal was recently (April 7, 2017) in west Michigan and appeared on local WoodTV8  and performed beautifully on the show - YouTube link: 

Her band was in Michigan for an April 7 concert at 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake, MI.  Her Facebook page is here:

Contact Info: Jan Bowersox   
Address:  15959 Avenida Venusto #1435
     San Diego, CA  92128
Phone:  858 - 673-3750. 

2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 Family Reunion Photos

2010 Family Reunion-Middlebury, IN  Photos (see Gallery: Bowersox 2010)
2008 Family Reunion Photos from Gettysburg (Ed's pictures)

Bauersachs Genealogy CD. - Johann Line, Paulus Line, Civil War Soldier & Pinckneyville.  The price for the CD is $20,
plus $4 for postage for a total cost of $24.
New Military Book including soldiers from Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812,
Spanish American War, WWI WWII, Vietnam, Korean, Desert Storm & Afghanistan-Iraq.
$30 including postage. 

COMPLIMENTARY NEWSLETTER AVAILABLE if you are interested in Bauersachs Genealogy.  Please send your Name and Address via Email to  
For Membership or Orders, please contact:
Jan Bowersox
 15959 Avenida Venusto, #1435
 San Diego, CA  92128
 Phone: 858 - 673-3750
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Bauersachs Genealogical Society
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Contact Jan Bowersox via E-Mail
with your questions or comments about
the Bauersachs Genealogical Society* (BGS).
Family Membership is $15; 
$5 for children living at another address.
A Private Family Organization


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